RCB R17 PRO IT Electric Scooter

Front and rear double suspension system, color LED display, with exclusive APP, 3 speed modes, 10-inch solid tires, pure electric battery life 30KM, super large lithium battery, foldable, green and environmentally friendly
Save €300.00
Specification : R17-EU

This model is not applicable to German road laws, please purchase EV85F&EV10Z for German users, contact customer service to get 20-30$ discount

【High Quality Electric Scooter】R17 Pro electric scooters with the latest technology, selection of high quality materials designed for adults, it is not only a vehicle, but also a fashionable sports equipment.

【BIG 10 Inch Tire】R17 PRO electric scooter has a 10 inch rubber tire with inner beehive design. It can effectively improve the cushioning effect and wear resistance. Larger tires perform better as passing obstacles than smaller tires and provide better visibility while riding.

【Powerful Electric Scooter】Patient with the latest technology, the motor with pure copper coil, can instantly burst into powerful power, motor rated power 350W /, maximum power 500W. Selection of new aircraft grade hardened materials, load range up to 120kg. Built-in 7.8Ah battery, providing 3 speed modes, maximum speed 25K/h. A good choice for urban commuting.

【Function of APP】Speed/battery/mileage display,turn on LED light,support navigation. And other advanced features such as scooter locks,vehicle self-check.

【Cruise Control and Intelligent Battery Protection System】This electric scooter with cruise control. Zero/non-zero start mode. Integrated intelligent battery management system to fully protect the battery. For temperature protection,over-voltage protection,over-charge protection and so on.

【Portable and Foldable】Innovative folding method- One-step folding. Folded size:113*43*55.5CM Unfolded size:113*43*43*122CM Can be placed in the trunk of the car, easy to store.

【About after-sales】We have always been proactive, we have a well-trained after-sales service team, with multiple warehouses in Europe and spare parts maintenance and support services. Note:Please read the user manual carefully. Check the scooter before every ride to make sure all the screws are tightened. Welcome to contact us at any time, we will be happy to serve you.